Do you know what kind of safety helmet for special work can be divided into?

Safety helmet products can be divided into two categories according to their uses: general operation type (Y type) and special operation type (T type),

There are five types in T category

Class T1 is suitable for workplaces with fire sources;

Class T2 is applicable to underground, tunnel, underground engineering, logging and other workplaces;

Class T3 is suitable for flammable and explosive workplaces;

Class T4 (insulation) is suitable for live working places;

T4 (low temperature) class is suitable for low temperature workplace.

Each kind of safety helmet has certain technical performance index and application scope, so the selection should be based on the industry and working environment.

Consumers can choose suitable varieties according to their own needs. Safety helmet should be selected according to the industry and working environment.

For example, the construction industry generally selects Y-type safety helmet;

In the power industry, T4 (insulation) type safety helmet should be selected because of contact with power grid and electrical equipment;

Safety helmet should be selected in class T3.

The selection of safety helmet color is quite random, generally light color or eye-catching color is appropriate, such as white, light yellow, etc., it can also be selected according to the requirements of relevant regulations, follow the principle of safety psychology, select according to the Department, and select according to the workplace and environment.