A picture will take you to understand the safety protection equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to the personal protective equipment provided to prevent or reduce the injury of accidents and occupational hazards in the process of labor production, which directly plays a protective role on human body. Today Xuanjia safety editor or with a picture to tell you what is personal protective equipment?



It is the head protective equipment, the hat that soldiers wear when training and fighting, and is an indispensable tool in people's traffic. It is mainly composed of shell, lining and suspension device. The shell is made of special steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, leather, nylon and other materials to resist the head injury caused by warhead, shrapnel and other striking objects.

Safety hat:

It is the head protective equipment, which is mainly used to prevent the head from being injured by impact objects. The utility model is composed of a cap shell, a cap lining, a lower cheek band and a back hoop. The cap shell is hemispherical, firm, smooth and elastic. The impact and puncture kinetic energy of the hitting object are mainly borne by the cap shell. There is a certain space between the cap shell and the cap lining, which can buffer and disperse the instantaneous impact force, so as to avoid or reduce the direct injury to the head. Impact absorption, puncture resistance, lateral rigidity, electrical insulation and flame retardancy are the basic technical performance requirements of safety helmet.


It can avoid eye injury caused by radiation. This kind of glasses is divided into two categories, one is absorption type, the other is reflective type, the former is most used.


The utility model relates to an industrial protective mask used for industrial protection of eyes and face from dust, chemical substances, hot gas, poisonous gas, scraps and other harmful substances. It is a mask with toothed knobs installed on the left and right sides of the elastic head clip, and a large arc-shaped thin curved surface transparent cover or stainless steel mesh is installed on the toothed knob. The mask is also a kind of mask.


Clothing for work. Generally, it is the uniform clothes issued by the factory or company to the staff, which I call work clothes. With the continuous development of work clothes industry, more and more industries and enterprises have to use work clothes

Protective clothing:

The types of protective clothing include fire protection clothing, industrial protective clothing, medical protective clothing, military protective clothing and protective clothing for special people. Protective clothing is mainly used in fire protection, military industry, shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical industry, painting, cleaning and disinfection, laboratory and other industries and departments.

Safety belt:

Personal protective equipment to prevent workers from falling down or to hang them safely after falling.

Protective gloves:

It is used to protect the hands of workers from physical, chemical and biological factors. Protective gloves, stainless steel wire gloves, can only be said to be limited protection, the enterprise should improve the safety device of the equipment; when used in cutting the high-speed rotating blade of the equipment, the steel wire gloves can only do temporary protection (and should be shut down in time). If the machine can not be stopped in time, the steel wire gloves will also be sawed off.


The knee is not only an extremely important part in sports, but also a vulnerable and easily injured part. It is also an extremely painful and slow recovery situation when injured, and even a person will have a dull pain in rainy and cloudy days. Almost all sporting goods stores can buy thick felt material 'kneepad' can reduce and avoid injury to a certain extent, and it can also play a role in cold protection in winter, and the price is not expensive. It is not recommended that 'kneepads' are essential, but it is also a fact that they are widely used in all sports activities.

Safety shoes:

It is the general designation of safety shoes and protective shoes. It generally refers to the shoes that are worn in different workplaces to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injury. Safety shoes are high-tech and high value-added footwear products. The production process of safety shoes requires high requirements for raw materials, accessories, chemicals, mechanical equipment, etc. at present, many domestic shoe-making enterprises with certain scale and grade have turned their attention to the safety protection shoes, which used to be occupied by developed countries.