Visual solution is one of the mature safety solutions launched by our company, which includes the identification of hazard sources in the plant area, visual early warning of hazard sources, identification of hazard sources, visual warning of hazard sources, visual guidance of emergency and evacuation after hazard occurrence, and visual design for different requirements. It includes many fields, such as building, metallurgy, chemical industry and so on.

Targeted visual design

·Visual condition of idea based on danger defense

The safety (HSE) experts obtain the basic design data of plant, warehouse and office, communicate with various functional departments of the owner, carry out hazard identification (HAZID) and hazard and operability analysis (HAZOP), and provide safety suggestions for your choice. Prepare the visual condition book.

·Purposeful visual design

The experts of visual system (VCS) carry out the layout design of plane and facade according to the specification of visualization conditions, on the basis of plan and elevation drawing and plant layout, and according to the characteristics of different visual optimization objects such as 'process, warehouse, fire protection, people flow, logistics, energy flow, fluorescence'.

Purposeful visual design can help your employees better understand their working principles and objectives.